Fairy ear cuff silver blue

Fairy ear cuff silver blue

  • SKU 098 fairy -19-S925-P-B
  • Material Silver
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Magical fairy ear cuff crafted in solid 925 sterling silver and angelina film that sparkles magically in the sunlight. The film is very iridescent, so the color may vary depending on viewing angle and lightning. The special elastic coating gives it strength and does not crack.

The ear cuff is very easy to wear. It is designed to hook over the back of your ear like a Blue Tooth device and can be gently shaped to perfectly fit your ear. No piercing is needed.

We’ll ship the item within 3-5 working days carefully packed in a gift box.

Be aware that shipment can take from 10 to 60 business days depending on your country, and I’m not responsible for any delays caused by post or customs services.

International buyers are responsible for any and all Customs charges, taxes & additional postage fees.

How to wear ear cuffs

Pull on the ends to adjust the size of the ear cuff

Slip the ear cuff onto the upper ear

Slide it down and inward to where it is most comfortable

Check the fit of the ear cuff

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    Pretty Chill

    awesome, all of my friends love it

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    Pretty Chill

    Always getting compliments. Thank you

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