Elf ear cuff silver

Elf ear cuff silver

  • SKU 118 Elf ear -21-S925-P-OX
  • Material Silver
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The Elf ear cuff is made of 925 Sterling Silver.

Will be perfect for ears with a size of 5-6,5 cm.

It’s very easy to wear! The cuff is designed to hook over the back of your ear like a Blue Tooth device and can be shaped to perfectly fit your ear. No piercing is needed.

Adjustable. Bend them gently to fit your ear shape perfectly.

Be aware that shipment can take from 10 to 60 business days depending on your country, and we are not responsible for any delays caused by post or customs services.

International buyers are responsible for any and all Customs charges, taxes & additional postage fees.

How to wear ear cuffs

Pull on the ends to adjust the size of the ear cuff

Slip the ear cuff onto the upper ear

Slide it down and inward to where it is most comfortable

Check the fit of the ear cuff

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Buyer photos

  1. M

    Margot bouchara

    Takes a long time to arrive to Australia but well worth the wait. So beautiful!!!

    Elf ear cuff silver
  2. L

    Lylah Craig

    This piece met all my expectations! Fits the description and is good quality made of sturdy material and fits my ear perfectly!

  3. J

    Jacquie Adams

    This ear cuff is so cute and wonderfully made! The shipping took forever, but that was to be expected with everything happening in the world lately, and it arrived right after my birthday, so it was like a little extra surprise.

  4. J


    I am very happy with this earring, it's really superb and elegant. Moreover you can wear it everyday because it's not too much,or too flashy. It's very pretty. 🙂

  5. C

    Claire LuRose

    I love it! Thank you so much!

    Elf ear cuff silver
  6. M

    Maria Melman

    Very elegant and well made. It's flexible enough so I could adjust it to my non-standard ears (I barely have earlobes), but heavy and sturdy enough so it doesn't feel cheap.
    Also, has a good, secure grab around the ear.

  7. T

    Tracy Dendy

    Absolutely gorgeous! I bought this for my sister-in-law for her birthday and she LOVED it! Many thanks for your time, care and amazing creativity!

  8. c

    camila mercado

    Beautifully crafted, soft enough to form (carefully) to fit snugly on your ear. Took a long time to ship but worth it.

  9. P

    Phoenix Firefox

    The shop owner has always been helpful in providing the best quality items!

  10. J

    Jessica Marie Brown

    It’s divine and so beautiful and I get many compliments! X

    Elf ear cuff silver
  11. C

    Clara Wicklund

    These are sooooo so lovely. Totally worth the several months of waiting – can't do anything about the shipping delay! So thank you for your beautiful craftsmenship! They are wonderful.

  12. S

    Sergio Castiglioni

    Great look and piece, and good service as well.

  13. K


    Fantastic Quality, Just as described and shown in pictures! Arrived quickly! Thanks.

  14. D

    Dorinda Yates

    Beautiful elven ear cuffs the gift recipient is going to love. They are gorgeous, thank you!

  15. E

    Emma Martinson

    Well made and super cute! I was worried it wouldn't fit my ear correctly because I have gauged lobes (4g) but I was able to gently bend the lobe-wrapped part up a little bit to accommodate my large-front plugs. Very comfortable to wear.

  16. j


    Amazing! Very pretty and super comfortable to wear. It was easy to adjust the cuff to get a perfect fit.

  17. S


    So wunderschön! Die sind sehr unscheinbar dennoch so schön ! Ich liebe es!

    Elf ear cuff silver
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